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How the heavy duty steel pocket door frame evolved:
Christner Construction has been a licensed and bonded framing and trim contractor in the custom home market in Phoenix, Arizona, since 1974. Jim and Mike Christner are a father-son team that takes great pride in the tradition of excellence acquired from over thirty-five years experience in woodworking. They strive to provide the best products on the market in their field and will not be satisfied with anything less.

This distinction comes from work ethics instilled while growing up on a farm in central Ohio in a large Mennonite family with Amish roots. Hard work and honesty are characteristics that have carried over into the company and its customer relations.

Their expertise in framing large custom homes gave them a reputation for craftsmanship and quality, which became the foundation of their company.

It’s because of their framing experience that they saw the need for a heavy duty pocket door frame.

In the 1980’s, interior doors became larger and heavier, and the pocket door frames on the market were no longer strong or rigid enough to carry them. Out of necessity, Christner took those frames and rebuilt them with layers of plywood and did all kinds of reinforcing to try and make them work. But they found the wood structures useless.

The problem was solved when Christner utilized steel posts in their pocket door frames. Since that time, Christner Construction dba Christner Woodworkers became a specialty division that manufactures steel pocket door frames. They have streamlined their design and created a top of the line heavy duty pocket door frame that’s competitive in its market.

With Christner’s steel post system, the pocket door set is once again a favorite option for today’s marketplace. Customers can expect a maintenance free product, solid, yet gliding quietly and easily while meeting many space saving and design solutions.

Steel Pocket Door Frame Manufacturer

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