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How the heavy duty steel pocket door frame evolved:
Christner Construction has been a licensed and bonded framing and trim contractor in the custom home market in Phoenix, Arizona, since 1974. Jim takes great pride in the tradition of excellence acquired from over forty-five years experience in woodworking. 

This distinction comes from work ethics instilled while growing up on a farm in central Ohio in a large Mennonite family with Amish roots. Hard work and honesty are characteristics that have carried over into the company and its customer relations.

Framing large custom homes, Christner established a reputation for craftsmanship and quality, a foundation of the company. It’s because of Jim's framing experience that he saw the need for a heavy duty pocket door frame.

Christner Woodworkers became a specialty division that manufactures steel pocket door frames utilizing tubular steel posts which prevent warping and twisting while providing rigid strength and stability.The streamlined design creates a top of the line heavy duty pocket door frame that’s competitive in its market. 

The heavy duty pocket door frame utilizes the best hardware on the market providing an I beam track with a pair of four ball bearing rollers and hangers designed to carry 150 lbs and 325 lbs. The I beam track is attached to an LVL, a superior material used only in our headers, which stays flat and straight accommodating an easy and precise installation.  Recently we added a new kit, utilizing a box beam track. It is compatible with our new silent close/open option. 

With Christner’s steel post system, the pocket door set is once again a favorite option for today’s marketplace. Customers can expect a maintenance free product, solid, yet gliding quietly and easily while meeting many space saving and design solutions.

Steel Pocket Door Frame Manufacturer

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