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Top and Bottom Brackets
Hardware Bag
Display Unit
Header with track and Hard ware
Bottom plate attached to the floor
Header Assembly
Display With Door
Display With Door
Completed Installation
Completed Installation

1. Check your rough opening size

                                               3500-150 I-Beam Series,
                                           5500-150 I-Beam Series, 
                                   SD, HD and X - All of the Box Beam Series:

A. Width = door size x 2 + 1"                          Example: 2/6=30" x 2 = 60" + 1" = 61" R. O.
B. Height = door size + 5 1/2"                         Example: 6/8 = 80" + 5 1/2" =85 1/2" R.O.
    7/0 =84" + 5 1/2 = 89 1/2" R.O. 8/0=96" + 5 1/2" R.O.     

                                              3500-325 I-Beam Series,
                                           5500-325 I-Beam Series:

    The widths remain the same; however, the height increases an inch = door size + 6 1/2"

If your rough opening is framed correctly you are ready to proceed. Identify your wall width. 3 1/2" and 5 1/2" are standard widths. Other wall widths can easily be accommodated but will need minor modification to the head piece.

2. Remove the steel posts and the bottom mounting bracket and assemble them by snapping them securely into each other. One set for each side of the wall.

3. Remove the header piece from the packaging. It will either be a 3 1/2" or 5 1/2" wide depending upon your application. It will have the track and a track cover measuring (3/4" or 1 1/2"x2 1/4"x door width) already assembled along with the top mounting bracket for the steel posts. 

If your door is smaller than the header you ordered, you will need to adjust the length of the header by making 2 cuts. The track cover (1 1/2"x 2 1/4"x door width) should be removed and cut to the size of your door. The over all length of the header should be your door size x 2 + 1" and cut off of the pocket side of the header.

4. Lay the header on the floor and snap the steel posts into the top mounting bracket, first one side and then the other. Place a spacer between the side posts just above the bottom mounting bracket and clamp them together for correct wall width. Now place the assembled unit into the rough opening, positioning shims between the rough header and the pocket door header just above the steel posts. Push the header tight to the trimmer at the opening side. Now remove the track cover to expose all of the I-Beam track. Very important!! I Beam track must be level. Place more shims between the rough header and the pocket frame header until the I Beam track is perfectly level then securely fasten the pocket frame header to the rough opening header with nails or screws. 

5. Very Important!! With a long level, plumb the steel post and securely fasten it to the floor. Make sure that you are in line with each side of the rough opening.

6. Double check the depth of the pocket (door size) and the opening (door size + 1")

7. You are now finished with the heavy duty steel pocket frame installation. Place the bag of hardware in a secure location until you are ready to install the door.

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