Jim Christner founded Christner Construction Inc., which has been a licensed and bonded framing and trim contractor in the custom home market in Phoenix, Arizona since 1974. Framing large custom homes, Christner Construction established a reputation for craftsmanship and quality, the bedrock of the firm. It’s because of their framing experience that they saw the need for a heavy duty pocket door frame.

This distinction comes from work ethics instilled in Jim while growing up on a farm in central Ohio in a large Mennonite family with Amish roots. Hard work and honesty are characteristics that have been passed down and carried over into the business and its customer relations.

Jim’s son, Mike Christner, grew up working alongside his dad which allowed him to learn the construction trade and become a skilled carpenter. After a brief stint at college in Kansas, Mike joined the company in 1993 and grew into a leadership position. In 2020, Jim retired and now plays an important consulting role with priceless years of experience. Mike is continuing the legacy he stepped into as he uses his knowledge of framing and trim carpentry to develop the heavy duty pocket door frame with the installer and end user in mind. As these heavy duty pocket door frame kits went mainstream, they became known as HD Pocket Doors.

HDPOCKETDOORS is our specialty division that manufactures heavy duty pocket door frame kits implementing tubular steel posts and a manufactured LVL header assembly which prevent warping and twisting while providing rigid strength and stability. Utilizing the highest quality track and hardware, HDPOCKETDOORS prides itself on the ability to work with the end user and provide a heavy duty pocket frame kit customized to fit their application without the need for on-site modification. The streamlined design creates a top-of-the-line heavy duty pocket door frame solution that is competitive in its market and can be shipped nationwide.

With HDPOCKETDOORS’ steel post system, the pocket door is once again a favorite option for today’s marketplace. Customers can expect a maintenance-free product, solid, yet gliding quietly and easily while meeting space and design needs.