. . . my wildest dreams! The homeowners absolutely love how sturdy they are, how smooth they run, and especially, the soft close/open feature. All of the other tradesmen on the job are equally impressed; most say they have never seen pocket doors done this well. I make sure to refer everyone (especially the other carpenters) to your website. Your frames have delivered all you promised, and then some. Thanks again, and from now on, I will push to use your frames on every project. 

Bob Pols


I have installed doors for over 30 years and during that time I learned to hate pocket doors! The doors would rub on the frame, they wouldn't roll right, and the frames were flimsy and at times difficult to install! It wasn't until I installed a door in one of Christner Woodworker’s pocket door frames that. . . was sold on the use and function of a pocket door! The frames were solid tube steel, the doors slid smoothly with just the push of a finger, and they didn't rub, even with 1 ¾ doors. The frames were also designed with the installer in mind which makes them so easy to install. We recently installed a frame that was custom made for a triple unit pocket door that slid all to one side. By the time it was finished I was thoroughly impressed!! Thanks for designing a pocket door system that not only works great, but is made to last!!

Norman Hamrick    


We had two of the Christner pocket door frames and doors installed in our home. Pocket doors really made a difference because where we needed doors was not conducive to a regular swing out door and these have worked out very well. We are thrilled. Unlike other pocket doors we have had in prior homes, these are great. The doors slide smoothly but feel so much stronger and more secure than the ones we had in the past. I don't know what they have done to change the design but it is a significant improvement over the others. If I ever have a need for a pocket door again, I'd insist on using the Christner frames again.

Michael & Erin Fischer


The kit was easy to install and my customer was pleased with that the door slid so easily yet sturdy on the track. Will definitely use Christner's pocket door frames again.

Bob Miller