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    Here at the pocket door workshop our foundation of integrity came from work ethics instilled in my father, Jim, the original pocket door guy. Jim grew up on a farm in central Ohio in a large Mennonite family with Amish roots. Hard work, honesty, and integrity are characteristics that have been modeled and passed down to my family we have carried over these values into this company and its customer relations. 

    Christner Construction Inc. has been a licensed and bonded framing and trim contractor in the custom home market in Phoenix, Arizona since 1974. By framing large custom homes, Christner established a reputation for craftsmanship and quality. It's because of our framing and trim experience that we saw the need for a heavy duty pocket door frame. 

    Christner Woodworkers became a specialty division that manufactures these heavy duty pocket door frame kits. Utilizing tubular steel posts and a manufactured LVL header which prevents warping and twisting while providing rigid strength and stability. The streamlined design creates a top of the line heavy duty pocket door frame that's competitive in its market. We ship to customers nationwide, where they can expect a maintenance-free product that glides quietly and easily while meeting many space saving and design solutions. 

    Our customer satisfaction is our top priority. This is true both in our local market and to those we reach nationwide through @hdpocketdoors, our Instagram account. This allows instant communication and feedback with our customers and keeps them up to date on what's new in the pocket door workshop. 

    We know there are many choices out there for pocket doors. We take pride in our heavy duty pocket door frame kit. As it is set apart from the rest an all inclusive solution to your pocket frame projects. Integrity, Strength, Customer service, pillars of our infrastructure.

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