April's Additions

Within the last month, we have added two new employees to our pocket door crew. They have made great new additions as they have each brought their knowledge of construction to the table and have been willing to learn new skills along the way. We asked both men a few questions to see how they have learned and grown while working in the pocket door workshop the past few weeks. 

First, meet TJ!

Q: What has been your favorite part of your new job and something cool that you've gotten to do?

A: My favorite part of the new job is working closely and learning from a very knowledgeable friend. I'm fortunate to have this opportunity to help build a small business and watch it grow. The coolest thing I've done is install in very nice areas and see some beautiful homes. I enjoy playing Tetris with the foam we use to ship odd packages as well!

Q: What is something new you've learned about construction so far?

A: I've learned that not all framing companies really check for level/plumb walls!! I also have learned about the different types of pocket door hardware and tracks used in installation.

Q: What has this new experience taught you so far?

A: So far my experience here (12 days) has taught me that if you make a reliable, custom, quality product you will have customers for life. I have only heard good remarks from any and all customers about the HDPOCKETDOORS product.

Q: What do you think sets HDPOCKETDOORS apart from other construction companies?

A: HDPOCKETDOORS adds a personal touch to each and every door frame manufactured. The owner of the company has his hands on every order, one way or another. They stand by the product and will always make it right if something is not working properly. With all of the employees, it is humbling to see how each person adds to the product and makes it the final result. The atmosphere in the work environment is great as well, always smiling and keeping us on our toes. Taking pride in this product is personal, and I love every minute of it!!

Next, take a look at Ryan's thoughts about his first few weeks as a pocket door guy!

My favorite part of the job is seeing the outcome of the final product. It's very satisfying.

I've learned how to use a planer. I had never used one before working here.

I think the biggest thing that sets HDPOCKETDOORS apart from other companies is truly the quality of work we produce.

Not to mention, the environment is almost stress free. I don't carry work stress home with me which is new to me, and I'm sure TJ can attest to that too.

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