Cordless tools have been around for a while now. Battery technology continues to improve, and cordless tool options continue to grow. 

The core benefits of a cordless power tool—maneuverability and portability—have always been clear, but they often fell short of the power and performance of corded tools. However, with advancements made in recent years, is it now possible for cordless tools to match the corded power of an expanding catalog of tool types?

The key benefits of a cordless power tool are power, maneuverability, portability, battery life, and storage. We will explain each one below to show how cordless power tools have been able to help us.


Cordless tools continue to raise the bar by delivering more torque, more power, and longer run-time. 

Maneuverability and Portability

Without the hindrance of a cord, you do not have to rely on a secondary power source. Cordless tools offer maximum flexibility and portability. Whether working on a large job site or in tight space, cordless tools allow you to maneuver and move about freely without the encumbrance of tripping or tangling a cord. Their lightweight design even helps reduce worker fatigue. This portability is a clear advantage for contractors that need to move about frequently on jobsites or from project to project.

Battery Life

Most power tools on the market come with a lithium-ion battery, which can hold a lot of power that will not diminish over time when the tool is not in use. Interchangeable batteries from tool to tool allow you to build on your tool platform without having to buy more batteries and chargers.  


Cordless power tools take up less room when stored or transported than corded ones. Things like cordless drills, saws, and impact drivers can be placed in drawers in rolling toolboxes for easy use on the job site. They can also be left in their individual storage containers to house the tool and its accompanying batteries.

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