First Time Pocket Door Frame Installation Steps and Tips

First time installing an HDPOCKETDOORS frame? Here we will walk you through each step of the install process. Along with what to look out for when ordering and installation. We will also throw you some tips for your first installation. 

What is the average install time for an HDPOCKETDOORS frame?

With rough opening proper, a frame can be installed in 30 minutes.

Here are the steps to installing an HDPOCKETDOORS frame!

  1. Make a chalk line. This is going to make sure the frame stays in line with the existing walls.
  2. Disassemble the track covers, the floor brackets and the T-Guide from the frame. Place them in a nearby spot. 
  3. Get your header up and clamp it with a regular clamp.
  4. Put your frame up to the closing side. If your rough opening is wider than needed, always favor the closing side. 
  5. Take one post with cladding and one post without cladding and fit them onto the floor bracket. Make sure they are tight to the bottom.
  6. Slide them right into the frame and make sure they are in line with the chalkline. Make sure they are relatively plumb. 
  7. We use a custom spacer. Our space is ripped at 2-1/2in. When it goes in our post it creates a 5-1/2in. Cavity which is equal to the wall thickness. (If you have a 2x4 wall you’d have a 2in spacer plus the posts, everything would equal 3-1/2in. )
  8. Take the other set of posts, the cladding one and one without and slide them into the floor brackets and header. 
  9. Square the posts up, make sure they are plumb and clamp them together. Check that they are in line with the chalk line.
  10. Take the clamps off. Start bringing the header down and make sure the track is level.
  11. Make sure the posts are square and in line with the chalk before anchoring them.
  12. Put the spacer between the posts.
  13. Put your level right on the track. Shim each side simultaneously until the track is level. Make sure to shim right above the posts, everywhere else is ply able. 
  14. Use a torpedo level to make sure your header is square with your framing. 
  15. Start at one side and work your way back nailing down the header. Before nailing the backside, make sure the header is flush with the framing. Nail roughly every 16in. 
  16. If you see daylight coming from in-between the track and the frame, you need to bring it down a little. Do the front side, about half way in between the split jams and the opening side. Right above all the posts and then at the back.
  17. Once the track is touching the level all the way across and the bubble is dead center, cut off the shims.
  18. Before putting the track cover in, make sure all the mechanisms are operating properly in the track. 
  19. Line up the track covers and screw them in.
  20. Make sure the track covers are flush with the posts and screw in the tow screws.
  21. Use self tapping metal screws to screw in the posts to the brackets.
  22. Put the track cover onto the track and screw it in place. This will prevent any paint, drywall etc. getting into the track.
  23. Make sure the posts are all plumb and everything is in line with the chalk line.
  24. Take a spacer and draw a line for the T-Guide. Use the custom pacer to insert the T-Guide in place and clamp it down.
  25. Use a hammer drill to drill holes for the T-Guide into the concrete. Hammer the nails into the T-Guide to secure it in place.
  26. Clean up.


What tools are needed to install an HDPOCKETDOORS frame?

Screw Gun: Used to remove and reinstall track covers. As well as to remove floor brackets and the T-Guide. 

Nail Gun: Our preference is to nail the header to the framing. Others may choose to screw header to the framing.

Hammer Drill: For drilling pilot holes for blue screws when anchoring to concrete.

Hammer: For typical carpentry functions, mainly to hammer in the shims.

Level: To ensure the track is level and the posts are plumb.

Cats Claw/Pry Bar: To help with leveling the header.

Once you have these tools collected you are ready to install your HDPOCKETDOORS frame!


Here are some tips for a first time installer:

  • Watch the video on installation from the QR code on the box. 
  • Mark a fresh chalk line to line up posts on plane with the existing wall.
  • Rip a spacer to fit between your posts to keep the wall thickness accurate.
  • Make sure to shim down the header as much as possible so the post brackets inset the posts.
  • Always check rough opening prior to installation. 

What are some common issues when installing a frame and how are they resolved?

The header will shim down out of square. To remedy this, use the torpedo level or speed square on the posts and track.

What are some things to keep in mind when ordering your first HDPOCKETDOORS frame?

Door thickness is important to consider because wall thickness will need to be larger for thickener doors. Make sure you frame your rough opening to exact measurements specified by HDPOCKETDOORS. 

What is your preference of track, Soft Close Soft Open or standard I-Beam track? Determining that may have an influence by how often the door will be used. 

Lastly, do you have a qualified installer? If you're local to Arizona, we offer installation services to the greater Phoenix area!

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