Tips for a Successful Installation

It's the dream of every business owner, contractor, and worker in the construction industry to have a successful install...

Many people may be wondering how to achieve this goal. Well, you're in luck! We're going to give you our top tips to help you have the perfect pocket door frame installation.

The very first thing you should do in preparation is gather all the tools and supplies needed: step ladder, level, screw gun, 3" drywall screws, hammer drill, and shims. 

1.  When placing your pocket frame order, you need to make sure you know your door size, wall thickness, jamb thickness, and clearance from the subfloor to the bottom of the door. If your specifications are custom, communicate these important details to the pocket door guys before ordering your heavy duty pocket door frame. Our standard frames are for 2x4 and 2x6 walls with a 3/4" jamb, 3/4" lap, and 1" clear from the subfloor to the bottom of the door.

2.  Now that your frame is ordered, you will want to frame the proper rough opening. Here is the formula for our rough opening. Width = door width x 2 + 1". Height = door height + 5 1/2". Your rough opening preparation is now complete.

3.  Wow, that was quick! Your pocket frame has arrived! Time to open up the package and see what you've got! The first thing you see is instructions and a diagram that you should follow step by step.

4.  You will also notice a hardware bag that includes the door mounting brackets, screws, and adjustment wrenches. It is crucial to keep this bag somewhere safe until you are ready to hang the door. When you install the brackets, make sure to predrill to avoid splitting out the top edge of the door.

    5.  Remove the header assembly and prep for the install. As you install the header, use shims as needed to make sure it is level and straight and fasten securely. .

    6.  Install the post assemblies, creating your pocket. Use your level on the outside edges of the posts and adjust so they are plumb. Fasten the floor brackets securely with the included fasteners.

    7.  Fasten your T-guide in the center of your pocket. Follow the T-guide diagram instructions. Let it stick out 3/8" in front of the poplar nailer on the post. This will keep it engaged in the door when the door is closed. Use the remaining two fasteners to secure the T-guide to the subfloor.

    Looks like your pocket frame install is complete! Keep the door hanging hardware safe until you're ready to hang the door.

    We hope these tips helped anyone who is new to pocket frame installs or just needed some further explanations. We include detailed instructions in all our pocket frame kits. Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions. Order your heavy duty pocket door frame here on our website:

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