New Year, New Products


As 2021 is off to a running start, HDPOCKETDOORS will be introducing new products with the same heavy duty quality you have come to expect. We look forward to continuing to build relationships with outstanding hardware companies as we collaborate with them to create the best products possible.



Choosing the right track and hardware to pair with our heavy duty pocket door frame and the right application can set your pocket doors apart from all the rest.



Now that soft close and soft open have caught fire, the synchronized track and hardware with the option for soft close/open is continuing to pick up steam.



As we continue to find new applications for our heavy duty pocket door frames in new projects, we will continue to build our superior pocket frames with outstanding track and hardware systems. If you want to see what HDPOCKETDOORS is up to next, make sure to follow along with our daily journey on Instagram and check out our new videos on YouTube. We'd also love to connect on LinkedIn. Let's make 2021 a great year together!

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