What's the big deal about pocket doors?

Why are they needed?

Why purchase an HDPOCKETDOOR?



So...a guy walks into a bathroom, opens the door, closes the door and barely squeezes by to access the toilet...

Waiting for the punch line? This is no joke! It's an inconvenience.


 For instance, this Fall Break our family visited the Grand Canyon. While taking in this momentous event, we stayed at a local hotel. Five family members sharing a hotel room is doable, but sharing one bathroom is even more challenging. My wife and kids couldn't help but notice. "Wouldn't this be a good place for a pocket door?"



Sure, I know they're under the influence of the pocket door guy, but what a great point.  

Don't worry, we didn't let the hotel stay ruin our trip. We enjoyed all the canyon had to offer. On the way home, we drove through Bearizona Wildlife park   and enjoyed the red rock scenery of Sedona. What an incredible experience.

So what's the big deal about pocket doors? They are space saving, functional and offer the luxury of a soft close/open. There's no need for a swinging door in a bathroom or laundry room, blocking access to high traffic areas. In a small area, pocket doors reclaim wall and floor space. Consider shelving rather than a swinging door which swallows unusable space. An office or den is a perfect area for a bi-parting pair, giving you the option to open up the room or quickly close it off for a zoom meeting.   




Why are pocket doors needed? To gain back space and functionality wasted from a swinging door. Nobody enjoys the side shuffle squeeze while going to do their business. Whether in new construction, remodel residential or commercial projects, space and square footage is too valuable not to maximize. Pocket doors will add space not subtract it from your project. 



 So now that you see the need for pocket doors, why should you choose HDPOCKETDOORS? Our heavy duty pocket door frames can be utilized for any application. Our team will work with you to choose the right pocket door kit for your project. As the manufacturer, our pocket frames can be built to your exact specifications. Of course we offer standard kits to fit typical wall thickness and door sizes through our website store. We are fully capable of customizing our system to fit any application. 



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