Pocket Door Versatility


Pocket doors are to doors what…

Swiss Army Knives are to knives.

Forty some years ago when I was dating my future wife, her dad asked if I carried a pocket knife.

He told me point blank, “You’re not a man unless you carry a pocket knife.” His voice was gruff but his eyes held a twinkle. 

Nevertheless,  I started carrying a small Swiss Utility Knife. You don’t want to know how many I lost in airport security lines before I remembered that flying was obviously one time when my daddy-in-law’s manhood rule didn’t apply.

So what’s so versatile about pocket doors?

First of all, function. One pocket door set can save ten square feet of livable space. So anyplace one wishes to save space or be able to leave spaces wide open, they provide perfect solutions. It is ideal for application in bathrooms, handicap access and closets. But pocket doors can be used in any room.

Christner Woodworkers pocket door frames are also versatile. They come in all standard sizes and we do custom frames for any width, height and wall thickness. We manufacture single doors, pairs and multiple doors stacking in one pocket. We can create arches and provide hardware for surface mount sliding doors.

Versatile by the way they fit into rough openings.

Often floors are out of level on one end. Our system allows the installer to level the header and allow the brackets to level out on the floor during install. Many systems would require the installer to put the header out of level.

But with all this versatility comes one constant.

Quality across the board.

My father-in-law is gone from this world now, but I was happy to see the pride and admiration in his eyes when we talked about my pocket door frames. And I’ll never see a Swiss Army Knife without thinking of his advice to me when I was still wet behind the ears.


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