Soft Close September

Wow, it’s September already! What a year it has been so far. Kids are now settled back in school, well school from home for the most part. Some schools have opened up for on campus learning, while most have gathered virtually in one form or another. In our area, the schools are anxiously planning their regathering back on campus.

So, what’s exciting in the pocket door workshop this September? The demand for soft close and soft open is on the rise. Customers have been choosing this deluxe option in the majority of their pocket door projects, adding a feel of luxury and convenience. The fully concealed soft-closing and soft-opening feature carefully cushions door movement, allowing them to open and close with a gentle movement. Each time the sliding door is opened and closed, the effortless movement shows the high quality of this addition to our pocket frame kits.

What are the benefits to soft close and soft open? No more slamming doors. No pinched fingers. Soft close and soft open hardware has built in stops within the track with no need for a bumper in the pocket. The soft open mechanism will smoothly draw your door to the open position and hold it flush with the front of the pocket. The soft close mechanism will allow you to close your door and walk away as the door slides shut and gently slows down for the money shot as it draws tight to the jamb.  

There are even more benefits to ordering the soft close soft open hardware in an HDPOCKETDOOR. The pocket door guys will expertly put together your pocket door kit for your exact door size. That means we will preassemble the track and hardware for your specific jamb thickness and door size, so you are set up to succeed when you receive one of our heavy duty pocket door frames. Not having to learn how to set up the track and hardware saves you time and money. The track and hardware is mounted to a manufactured LVL, which makes up our header assembly. It is complete with top and bottom post brackets to snap the included heavy duty tubular steel posts onto, creating the pocket and t floor guide to complete the kit. We include instructions along with QR codes with links to videos to walk you through the installation. 

You might be wondering how you can get one of these pocket door kits to use on your next project. You can shop our product line directly on our website: Afraid you won't find what you're looking for? That's not a problem when our heavy duty pocket door frame kits are completely customizable. That means we can make a system to work for your unique application. You can reach out through our custom contact form with your specifications, so we can get started building the pocket frame system you need! What's next? Follow along as we post our projects on instagram and you tube. Get inspired, get creative. HDPOCKETDOORS has you covered. 

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