Springing Forward

We are welcoming spring here at HDPOCKETDOORS. What do you have on the agenda to complete this spring? Cleaning out the cobwebs, tuning up your tools, or getting more organized so you can operate more efficiently? What goals would you like to achieve before summer hits?

Winter didn't slow us down in the pocket door workshop here in Arizona. Temps were low, but production was high. We shipped out heavy duty pocket door frames to states that were a bit frigid with record winter storms affecting many of our customers nationwide.

Here at the pocket door workshop, we're not just spring cleaning, but we're making room for stock and workflow. With production continuing to increase, HDPOCKETDOORS will be adding to its workforce while continuing to deliver the quality, precision, and customer service you expect. 

We've got some new products in the works, maybe even game changers. We will do our best to have them out by summer, so stay tuned. There will be no hints at this time. You will have to continue to check in and follow along as we share our story on Instagram @hdpocketdoors and YouTube

HDPOCKETDOORS values your patronage, and we look forward to working with you on your next project. 




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