The Summer Favorite

Arizona summers are blazing hot with temperatures as high as 115°F! Well, our bestselling product might just be hotter.

Our top seller this summer is our 3500-150 SD with SiSy for a 30"x80" door. You're probably wondering what exactly this is. Well, to keep it simple, this is our number one heavy duty pocket door frame for a 2x4 wall with the popular soft close open feature.

To break it down even further, 3500 is the wall thickness (2x4 wall) and 150 is the door weight capacity (150 #). SD is the top line grant (SD box track). SiSy is the silent system (soft close/open). Our 150 SD with SiSy is available for 28"-36" doors. 

The 3500 series is perfect for any customers that are limited to a 2x4 wall width. Our 150 SD is by far our most preferred track solution with its weight capacity effortlessly supporting 150# doors. We have been offering the SiSy soft close/open option for over two years now, and every month it increases in popularity and demand.

Our heavy duty pocket door frames are available in all inclusive kits, and we even ship them nationwide. You can order your kit by shopping directly on our website:


We also feature many of our products in our posts and stories on Instagram. You can stay up to date on our latest products and techniques along with what's new and exciting in the pocket door workshop by following along at:

Summer is the perfect time to improve your house or workplace! You can use the summer favorite in your next project and experience the amazing quality for yourself!


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