The Summer Apprentice

Little did my younger brother know that the summer he became a teenager would also be the summer he became a pocket door guy. 

As my siblings and I have grown up, my dad and papa have expanded and improved their construction business, turning them into the pocket door guys they are today. They are two of the strongest and smartest men I know, and they have been able to pass their wisdom and knowledge onto their new apprentice.

Elijah's natural talent for putting things together and carefully following instructions to create a work of art has already shone through during his short time in the shop this summer. It may have taken a little convincing, and there was a lot of laughter...but I was able to interview my little bro about his working experience so far.

Q: Has working in the shop this summer sparked an interest in construction for you?

A: Yes, being around all the construction tools and learning more about the trade makes me want to keep improving and learning more about it. 

Q: What is your favorite new skill that you've learned at the pocket door workshop and why?

A: I like using the nail gun, which is a faster way of hammering the nails. It's fun to use because it shoots out the nail into the wood. Every time a nail gets shot out, the gun bounces off the wood and makes a really cool sound.

Q: How has working alongside two experienced builders impacted your experience in the shop?

A: I guess it just helps because whenever I don't know how to do something they're able to show me how to do it. It also helps me to be more careful because they can tell me what not to do since they've made mistakes.

Q: What is a piece of knowledge you've received while working that you are able to use in your everyday life?

A: My dad told me that quality is more important than speed. I can use that advice in school because you don't want to rush your work when you could make it look good by putting effort into it.

Q: What is an obstacle or challenge that you've had to face during work, and how did you overcome it?

A: Well, sometimes when I'm stacking the post brackets, one of them won't get pushed in all the way because another one is blocking it. I learned that I have to make sure they're all lined up straight so they are stacked evenly.

Q: How do you find ways to make this job fun and enjoyable despite the hard work?

A: Since it's really loud in the shop, I have earplugs that are Bluetooth so I can listen to music while I'm working. It makes it pretty fun so I can move to the beat while I'm doing the different jobs they have for me.

Elijah is really enjoying accomplishing various tasks at the pocket door workshop, learning new skills, and building his confidence in his work. Both Jim and Mike are very proud of all the progress Pocket Door Guy Junior has made.

Check out some of the amazing things they've been working on this summer by going to their Instagram page!




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