We are the Pocket Door Guys


    Concrete floors covered in sawdust speckled with aluminum glitter, steel posts ready to be cut with precision, track and hardware stocked neatly, engineered wood stacked tall...


Welcome to the pocket door workshop.

Here you'll find a father-son duo that has the determination and drive to carefully craft the pocket door frames of your dreams. Even in the scorching hot summers of Phoenix, Arizona, the construction crew begins each work day bright and early. Of course, not until after they gulp down at least one cup of coffee. Jim prefers his black, while Mike would rather drink a quad shot from Starbucks. 

Well, even though I'm not technically a pocket door guy myself, I am a huge supporter of Jim and Mike's business. I (Makaila) am actually Mike's daughter and am proud to help promote his heavy duty pocket door frames. After all, I have seen firsthand how hardworking and talented he and my papa are.

You can experience the high quality of the steel pocket door frames for yourself by checking out the wide variety of options on our website. You can even go to our Instagram page to see the pocket door guys in action. These brilliant builders are fulfilling orders daily not only in their local market in Arizona where they provide onsite installation, but they also ship their fantastic frames nationwide. With a simple push of a button or the dial of a number, one of those versatile masterpieces can be yours, too.


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