What's Hot in the Pocket Door Shop this Summer?

The temperature isn't the only thing increasing here in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the past couple months, we have been seeing an upswing in large pocket door projects.

I'm not talking about quantity. I'm talking about the size. With the trend for floor to ceiling pocket doors on the rise, door sizes are growing. The four or five foot wide doors that are nine to ten feet tall are becoming the new norm.

Who other than the pocket door guys to call when you're looking for a pocket door frame? After all, these aren't just any pocket door frames. We specialize in heavy duty pocket door frames with soft close open capabilities. With nationwide shipping and pocket frames to fit any application, we are sure to come up with a solution for anything you can dream up.

Throughout the summer, we have been getting more orders for custom frames, many meant to fit in large spaces. While many customers like the freedom that comes with ordering custom frames, some might not know where to start. Since this has been a popular way to purchase our product, we wanted to provide some tips that can be used as a guide as you navigate all the options and possibilities.

First things first. One of the most important things to note when ordering a pocket door frame is your door size. This will affect your rough opening and the pocket frame capabilities, so it is crucial to have accurate measurements. There are several other components that should be determined to help you order your custom frame.

These are some questions that will help when looking for a custom pocket frame quote for your next project. What is the approximate weight of the door? What is the wall framing thickness? Do you have a floor plan or sketch to provide? What is the flooring application and thickness? Is the door going from floor to ceiling? What is the trim application: kerf jamb, casing, ezy jamb? What thickness will the jamb be? What kind of door handle will you be using? Will the door stick out of the opening or be flush in the pocket? We hope these questions guide you when ordering a custom pocket frame built according to your application.

As the doors continue to get larger, thicker, and heavier, we will continue to build our custom frames. Handcrafted to meet and exceed all your needs, our frames will make the perfect addition to a home, office, and everything in between. My only question is what is your next pocket door project going to be? We are looking forward to being part of it.

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