Work-Life Balance

Here at the pocket door workshop, we know that finding perfect balance between career and family can be a struggle. Every day our schedules are getting busier causing our work or personal lives to suffer. It is key to create a peaceful balance between the two to improve our physical, emotional, and mental health, as well as our career health.


Having a good work-life balance has many positive effects including less stress and burnout and better overall health. This is beneficial for both employees and employers alike. Healthier employees are more productive, miss less work and have fewer healthcare-related expenses. Work-life balance is not about dividing the hours in your day between work and personal life, but it is more about having the time to work and the energy to enjoy your personal life. It is important to understand that not everyone’s work-life balance will look the same. The key is to create it based on what works for you. 

Having a job and a career you are passionate about is important, but it should not be your entire life. It is in your best interest to prioritize the things that make you happy. Balance is not something you find; it is something you create. If you do not plan time for your personal life, you will never have time to do other things outside of work.

You might think that having a perfect work-life balance means you will have an extremely productive day at work and then you will spend the other half of the day having an amazing time with friends and family. The above is the perfect situation, but it is not always possible. Don’t seek the perfect life, seek a realistic one. Some days you will spend more time working, while others you have more time and energy to spend time with your loved ones. The idea is to achieve balance over time, not in oneday. Remain open to evaluate your needs on any day. This is how you will find balance.

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